Understanding the Different Types of Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography should never be underestimated. The only way to carry memories of your wedding is through photography. When it comes to wedding photos, make sure that you hire a photographer who specifically covers wedding events. A wedding photographer has skills and experience in covering weddings so they are able to deliver the best memories your occasion.

Taking wedding pictures should never be left to your guest or friends because they also need to enjoy your big day. Hire someone who will help you with wedding pictures and offer you the value that you need. Here are different wedding styles to consider:

Traditional/Classic Wedding Style

The classic style is the most common photography concept for weddings. With this style of photography, the bridal team or guest pose and the pictures are taken. It is an organized form of taking photos where the photographer guides the wedding session.

The photographer will show you how to pose before they take the photos. If you want to remember all the guest at your wedding, it is advisable to take classically posed photos. In the case of traditional wedding theme, follow it with the classic style of posing for photos.

Journalistic Wedding Photography

For journalistic wedding photography, the photographer is allowed to explore their creativity. With this type of photography, there is no posing for photos. The photographer captures appropriate moments in their raw state. This is a good style  if you want to capture actual moments of your big day. You can remember all the emotions because they are captured in the photo. You trust the photographer to be able to capture all the moments on your behalf.

Illustrative Wedding Photography

This style is quite creative. The idea is to take photos with the landscape in the background. For a wedding photographer to take illustrative wedding photographs, they should at least have some experience with landscape photography. Apart from showing the beautiful couple, this type of photography should also capture some background.

Portrait Wedding Photography

Portrait and classic wedding photography are always confused. However, this style of photography is meant to capture details like facial expressions of the bride. You can also use this concept to capture details in the bridal makeup and also their dress.

Black and White photography

Black and white photography is not appealing to everyone, but it still a common style for weddings. If you are not interested in capturing color, you can use black and white photography to capture all the other details in the wedding.…