5 Steps To Prepare Your Boat For Transport

Attending boat shows or just wanting to bring your boat on a trip is part of a boat owner’s life.

1. Measure Your Boatblue

This is a crucial step since it determines the cost of shipping. You will need to measure the exact dimensions of your boat. Also, you need to include the parts that can be disassembled like platforms, motors, or any parts that could extend the exterior dimensions. It’s important to know if you are going to use your own trailer or your carrier’s. The shipper would need to know what type of handling to be used. You would also require these values to secure a permit from the Department of Transportation.

2. Determine the best shipping company

It’s important to canvass the right shipping company that suits your needs. Boat haulers will start sending quotes to compete for business. Get to know your shipping company accurately and ask all the right questions to cover anything you need to know. You have to avoid miscommunication to prevent damage on your boat. It could also help if you knew their feedback and ratings, safety records, and transport history. This way, you’ll be confident with the company that will handle your yacht.

3. Winterize Your Boat

Remove part like propeller, antennas, anchor, or any valuebale items and secure them safely. Seal all cabinets and drawers and make sure they would not open when loading the boat. Remove all fuel and disconnect any batteries. Empty any water or liquid out of your boat, including the drain plugs and air conditioner. Then, clean the exterior part of your yacht and wrap it in a plastic wrap or canvass to prevent any damage to its exterior.


4. Prepare Your Documents

To avoid any delay, you have to prepare all the necessary documents needed for shipping. Contact the embassy where you will ship your boat. Determine and regulations or documentation required. Usually, they would need your documents from the shipping company, boat title, bill of lading, and sale. Some may require additional permits for import. This could be quite a hassle, that’s why you have to prepare these documents in advance to avoid any problems during transport.

yellow5. Boat Delivery

Once everything is set, keep your communications lines open. Determine your shipper’s contact information and any back up if needed. This way, you could reach each other out if you need any updates or if there are any questions. Set up an excellent meeting place for pick up and delivery and discuss if any third party contacts are required. Have your payment ready at the agreed date and time to avoid any future problems.…