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The Dos and Don’ts of Renting a Storage Facility

Self-storage, both short and long term, is a great way to house belongings during a period of transition or to simply free up some space in your home. But when it comes to doing it right, it turns out that figuring out how to pack a storage unit is only part of the battle. To really ensure you’re optimizing your storage and keeping everything safe (not to mention making the process as easy on yourself as possible), you’ll want to take a few extra steps. Follow these self-storage tips below for advice on how to tackle your storage like a pro.

Do Make Sure You Hire Only a Reputable Company

storage for rentWhen you store items, you’re placing trust in a third party to take care of your belongings. And even if you’re not planning on storing anything of major value, it’s still important that you choose a company with a proven track record of reliability. Read reviews and past customer experiences before booking a unit, and don’t choose to store your items with a seemingly sketchy company just because their rates are cheaper than the competition. Locate a trustworthy provider in your area, or ask your friends and family for referrals. If you live in Singapore, for example, Google a storage facility Singapore and start checking the companies that appear on first search page results. 

Don’t Start Searching the Last Minute

storage spaceThe storage unit you ultimately choose should be based on a few key factors, including the size, price, and convenience level that makes the most sense for your situation. To make sure you’re checking off all three boxes, start your search early. If you wait too long to book, you may find that what you’re looking for isn’t available, or you may just not have enough time to do the necessary research. It’s better to start a little early and have a plan in place than start late and have to make a hurried decision.

Do Take an Inventory of What You Plan to Store

This is helpful for two reasons. One, it helps you determine what size unit you’re likely going to need, and two, it helps you stay organized once everything is in there. It doesn’t have to be super detailed, just a general overview of what you intend to be keeping in the unit; for example, two dressers and six medium boxes. Based on what you inventory, you’ll be able to use a storage unit sizing guide to select the best fit for your things.


5 Tips to Help You Choose an Electrician

There are various benefits you can get if you decide to do your electrical work. It is more flexible, you can call the shots, and you can save money. However, if you do not have the right electrical skills, you better start looking for the services of a professional electrician. If you feel that it is about time to look for a certified electrician, here are the factors to consider in your selection.

1. Insurance and License

One of the critical factors you need to consider when you are choosing an electrician is to check whether they are insured or licensed. Why do you need to check for a license? A license is a guarantee that the contractor has completed all the necessary practical work and courses to conduct the job correctly and safely. That is why you should always ask to see their license before you make your final decision. Lastly, ensure that the license held covers of the kind of job that you need to be done.

2. Recommendations

A recommendation from someone that you trust will be valuable when picking a professional electrician. But when it comes to asking for recommendations, make sure that you get them from people who have received electrical services from certified electricians. Unfortunately, if you cannot get the proposals, ask the electrician if they have any references. If yes, go ahead and call the referee to ensure that they are legitimate.

3. Qualifications

It is critical to understand that not all electricians are the same. When you are looking for one who can install the electrical system on your premises, you will notice that some have other experience or qualifications. Therefore, it will be your duty to ensure that you find a qualified and certified electrician who will install or repair your electrical system professionally.

4. Communication and Attitude

No one can enjoy working with a merchant who portrays sloppy artistry or a bad attitude. In other words, when you are looking for the services of these electricians, you need to ensure that they are professionals. In other words, they should have excellent communications skills and a professional attitude. Remember that a professional manner and appearance is reflected in the quality of work offered.

5. Years in Operation

Poorly installed or repaired electrical systems can lead to damages; loss of property, and even death. When you are working with qualified electricians, you will not encounter such problems. That is why you need to ensure that you are dealing with experienced electricians always.…