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Beginner’s Tips for Growing Cannabis

A lot of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and Epilepsy can be cured by weed.

On the other hand, some people use weed for recreational reasons. There is nothing wrong with using weed for recreational purposes provided that you’re consuming it in moderation.

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With the increasing number of people using cannabis, there is also an increase in cannabis growers. In fact, putting up a dispensary is a lucrative business idea nowadays. Anyone can venture into this kind of business as long as they comply with the law on cannabis growing. If you’re a beginner who’s planning to grow cannabis, then this post might help you. Read on as we provide tips for growing cannabis.

Always Consider The Location

For starters, your first step to growing cannabis is to find the best location to grow it. Keep in mind that finding the perfect location is paramount if you want to grow high-quality cannabis. If you’re only planning to grow a small amount of weed, then choose a small space such as your closet or cabinet. This way, you can save on costs. For instance, you can use small humidifiers if you put your plant on a small space. Moreover, you will save on AC cost if you have a small space for your plant.

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When it comes to choosing the containers, make sure that you choose the right size. Experts recommend that you settle for medium-sized containers because, with large containers, it takes longer for the plant to absorb the nutrients. Of course, using small-sized containers is also not advisable, as there will be insufficient space for the roots to grow. As a result, your plant might not fully develop.

leaves of cannabisLighting & Temperature

Next, you need to equip yourself with knowledge when it comes to environmental elements that will affect the growth of your plant. Knowing when to adjust the light, humidity, and the temperature is imperative if you want to harvest high-quality weed.

Note that your plant needs sufficient light. Therefore, do not use ordinary lights. Instead, opt for T5 florescent, LED lights or HID lights.

In terms of temperature, the ideal temperature if the light is on is around 80 degrees F. On the other hand; the temperature should be approximately 70 degrees F with the lights turned off.

Use The Right Soil

Lastly, you need to use the right soil to grow high-quality cannabis. If you’re using soil with artificial fertilizer, then you should switch to natural soil because chemical-based soil can contaminate your plants. Learn more about organic soil amendments to understand the importance of using organic soil. Always remember that the only way for you to grow high-quality cannabis is by using chemical-free soil. Therefore, start looking for vendors of organic soil if you’re still using chemical-based soil.…