There's Steve again
By TW Russell

Well being from the same home town of Steve Perry, sightings and chance encounters were somewhat normal, while I had lived in this small town, during my school years, I would see Steve at Food King the grocery store where I bagged groceries(at which time, I was very fortunate to get to know Steve's mother, a very wonderful woman that always had something Journey to wear or talk about, a wonderful, proud, and supportive parent, I was also very fortunate to meet his grandparents, where that is an interesting story all on it's own in there home, then I was able to get to know his grandfather better at Food King, I'll never forget Steve's grandfathers car, a Classic Rambler with plastic flowers on the antenna. He said Steve has offered to get him a new car, but he said the Rambler will do, and it did.)

On one occasion Steve came into Food King got a couple of things, saw him in the aisle exchanged hellos. When Steve had left, new hire Buddy had bagged his few groceries. I ask Buddy, well so you bagged Steve Perry groceries Huh?, Buddy goes what? I said that was Steve Perry, as we both walked to the large front store windows and watched him get into his school day's V.W., Buddy said I thought he was just another hippie

Years later after I moved, On one of my family visits home,with my girlfriend at the time, we were driving down 11th Ave, I had told her Steve Perry was from my home town and still had a residents here, No sooner did I say that, here coming down the road opposite direction was Steve on his Harley with some pals, all on bikes ( before the enforce helmet law), It was like watching a video, Steve was just hang'in on, with his long strait black hair blowing back...... This is still my most favorite sighting. My girlfriend was elated.........I actually have one autograph that is autographed Steve Perry formerly of Journey.........I also have pictures of the platinum records hangin on the wall at his grandparents home...........Those days will not be forgotten...