Perry & Forrest Collaboration
By Forrest McDonald

Steve and I met through our mutual attorney. I was looking for a vocalist and Steve was looking for a recording situation. We met at our attorney's office and hit it off pretty well. Steve came over to my apartment and I showed him a lot of songs I had written. Including a song called "Anyway You Want It" and "Dreams Reality". We also recorded "Dreams Reality" and I amended the copyright to include him as a form of payment/appreciation. We renamed "Dreams Reality" to "Stronger And Stronger". The master of this song was stolen from me, but I have a bad copy somewhere. We hung out for a few weeks and even saw an Al Pacino movie together. I think it was "All the President's Men" or something similar. One day he introduced me to his friend Steve Smith, a jazz/rock drummer. Steve Smith's apartment was so small, he barely had room for his drums and a small bed.

I had written the music for "It's Over" a few weeks before Steve and I met and one afternoon we put the words together. We both agreed it was hot, so it was one of the two songs we decided to record. I arranged for the studio time, rehearsed the rhythm section, and we cut the tracks a week later. The session went very smooth and Steve did a great job.

Note: The song, "It's Over" is available on Forrest's debut CD called "I Need You". You can purchase a copy of the cd from his website at