What can I say about Steve Perry, he’s the man whose voice saved my life. I can’t thank him enough for being there for me in my darkest moments in life, every time I talk about Steve I will have tears in my eyes, for his voice and his music were the only thing that kept me going during my most difficult times when I was a teenager. When I got on the net in 1996, the first website that I created was Journey Fans Network, it was my main goal after I got online. I still remember it was a very simple site and very amateur looking lol!! I didn’t know anything about making website, everything I know now is self taught and by trial and error, very frustrating at times I tell you but I’m a pro now ha! ha! I learn alot while running Journey Fans Network and made a lot of friends from all over the world, something I would never have imagined. Sadly though Journey decided to break up again and I must say I was really disappointed because to me Journey is not the same without Steve so after much thought I decided to close Journey Fans Network and create a small site dedicated to just Steve. Another reason is also because Steve has kinda retired so there’s not much for me to do and it won’t take much of my time :-)

If there’s one regret in my life, it would be not seeing Journey live in concert or meeting Steve. I’m still waiting for the day I will get to meet Steve because I want to thank him personally for saving my life. I did receive a photo of Journey personally signed by the band and a separate handwritten letter from former singer Steve Augeri. I also received an autographed photo of former member Steve Smith (drummer) so you see I have something from every member except Steve Perry… sad isn’t it? :-( but I’m still hoping and I won’t stop believin’ :-)


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